Toy Stories (PLUS) – May 27th 2014














A pleasant little update from the good people over NECA toys this week. The looooooooooong awaited Portal 2: P-Body and Atlas figures are shipping out this week and should be arriving in stores very soon. I’ve been eagerly awaiting these two since they debuted at New York Toy Fair back in what seems like 1956. This pair have been a long time coming and from the new photos, they look to be worth the wait. They both feature LED lights, on themselves, as well as their portal devices (like the previously released Chell). These two will make a great addition to a Half Life or video game display. Keep your eye’s peeled.


He’s the Ken


He’s the Ryu












And now for something a little different………..Thoughts on Toys.















We know DC Collectibles has been making some great figures lately, and a wide variety of characters are getting a plastic doppelganger. It’s very rare that DCC will churn out a repeat character (unless that character is BATMAN) in a short time frame. That’s why Deathstroke never got a figure in the Identity Crisis line because of his earlier Teen Titans figure. This is going to change a little with Nightwing this year.

We’ve already seen the release of the “Designer Series” figure, but later this year DCC will release another Nightwing. Although each figure has some minor costume changes, and each is a different sculpt, they both represent the character at virtually the same point. There’s no battle damage from Forever Evil, the colour schemes are the same, as are the weapons. It just strikes me as odd that DC chose this route, with this character. Following Forever Evil “Nightwing” doesn’t even exist anymore and his book is simply called “Grayson” now. Both figures do have positive and negatives and I do appreciate the ability to choose a specific artist version of a character or a “standard” version. Will this be something we see from DCC and the Designer Series in the future?

Outside of re-releases (with new paint, and maybe a new head sculpt) DCC hasn’t released a duplicate figure. I enjoy the wide variety of figures being released as opposed the “crank out a Batman or Superman variation every 2 months“. I would like to see this continue. I for one will more than likely be getting the regular New52 version of Nightwing coming later this year. I just prefer the more slender sculpt on the body, even though the Designer Series head sculpt and white eyes are better. What are your thoughts? Comment below or cast you ballot of your preferred Nightwing.