Rep. Darrell Issa Wants You to be Able to Rip Your DVDs

In October in the latest DMCA exemption review, the Copyright Office/Librarian of Congress refused to say it was legal for you to rip your own legally purchased DVDs so that you could watch them on a computer or tablet. That’d make a lot of us criminals for just loading our iPods and iPads.

The ludicrous nature of that didn’t go unnoticed and Representative Darrell Issa is planning a bill to fix the Copyright Office’s mistake.

We think we can write at least some clarifying language that would instruct the Copyright Office to more accurately define what is, in fact, fair use. People who make copies on their iPod for jogging are not the problem.

We won’t see this legislation until next Congress, in 2013. Hopefully we can see some broad support to expand fair use, as proposed by the report that was taken down by the Republican Study Committee. Considering as it currently stands, we’re a nation of lawbreakers just for wanting our purchased media to no longer be tethered to the outdated discs we purchased years ago.

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