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Did Torrents Hurt the Avengers?

Hollywood would have you believe that the explosion of torrents and piracy is what’s killing the movie industry.  That this and only this scourge is the reason for declining box office receipts.  They ignore the idea that maybe what they’re producing isn’t what people want or the movie theater viewing experience is more like watching children at a jungle gym with cell phones and no sense of proper behavior and consideration for those around them.

What’s interesting though is the case of The Avengers which opened overseas first and then went on to dominate the global market and has earned over $1.18 billion so far.  The movie is being enjoyed by young and old, male and female in that rare four quadrant movie that’s earned a 93% approval rating overall and 96% from the audience on the website Rottentomatoes.

It did all of this while also being one of the top pirated movies.  The movie pops up on TorrentFreak’s charts on April 30 with a camcorder copy in the number 4 spot for top pirated movies on BitTorrent.

It then moves into the number 3 spot for the next two weeks.

And finally on May 21 we see a new file make it’s way onto the charts.

So, with the movie on it’s way to being the third highest grossing movie of all time, can we maybe rethink the whole “piracy kills entertainment” argument?  In this case, it clearly didn’t.

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