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Earthbound Comics Offers Free eBook

Independent Comic Book Publisher Earthbound Comics tries something a little different with our May release – we’re giving away a free eBook!

Readers can download and enjoy Souverain: The Kid by Mike Luoma at no charge. Originally featured in Souverain #1, this prose story is a great introduction to the character created by Ben Ferrari – meet the woman who works with the U.S. Army by day and strikes out at night on her own as the vigilante SOUVERAIN!

Ain’t It Cool News loved the book, calling the stories “hard-biting, hot button-pressing tales;” writing that it “successfully mixes real world issues with superheroism, while remaining respectful to the men and women fighting overseas and pointing a finger at atrocities performed around the world.” and calling it “…a fun book which empowers women while it entertains and inspires hope.” Now readers can sample some of that for free!

Instead of going head-to-head with Big Event comics, Earthbound Comics is going sideways. The Souverain eBook lets us reach out to the non-comic reading audience in a month where the comic reading audience is fixated on another company’s product.

We feel it’s important to try to grow the audience for comic books – we think we can, that’s one of the reasons Earthbound Comics publishes such a wide variety of genres in the first place. What better way to reach out to the eBook reading crowd?

The free Souverain: The Kid eBook approaches the greater reading public on their terms. If they enjoy the storytelling, we invite them to sample our comics.

You can download your copy of Souverain: The KidHERE.

You can check us out on FacebookHERE.

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Earthbound Comics is a company dedicated to putting out and promoting quality comics from a variety of creators. We’ve chosen to bypass the traditional Direct Market method, in favor of a POD (print on demand) model, because we feel that that by cutting out the financial hurdles of the direct market, we can focus more on CREATING COMICS instead of financing them.

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