Think #SOPA and #PIPA Doesn’t Affect American Sites? Guess Again!

Marvin Ammori over at his blog explains how the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP (PIPA) acts do in fact affect American websites.  Even though proponents of the legislation says it’s focus is to take aim at foreign websites whose function is to infringe on copyright, we know, that’s not how the internet works.  Here’s Ammori’s points in a nutshell.

  1. Many US websites have foreign branches.  Google, Amazon and many more have versions specific for foreign countries.  Right there is American companies dealing with infringement elsewhere.
  2. Any website or tool that points you in the direction of a foreign infringing site is liable.  Facebook statuses, Google searches, Twitter links, all could get folks in trouble.
  3. The web search engines and many hosting companies are here in the US.  They’d have to hide websites in various methods.  Right there is a burden upon US based businesses.

Ammori lays it all out in much greater detail.  Head there and get the full breakdown of why this legislation is shit and the proponents are talking out of their asses.

You can take action right now and write your Representatives and Senators and voice your displeasure with the legislation.

You can take action at Marvel comics which publicly supports SOPA at our joint venture with Thwipster, Dear Marvel.