RP Comics Review – Science #1, Jack Hammer: Political Science #3, Reasonable Priced Comics #2 and #3

Science #1

Science! CoverRP Comic’s latest entry into their anthologies, the comic lives up to its name and focuses on science fiction.  Five stories all too varying quality but overall a solid collection.

Surefire Means follows a crashed spaceship’s two remaining members and the one way to escape.  The story telling is great and the ending just caught me off guard.

Yours, Mine and Ours is the second entry and follows a squabbling couple on a remote base in space.  There’s some great humor here and has a nice Twilight Zone feel to it.

A Place in History, two explorers are caught underground in a cave.  The story is ok, and the twist is somewhat M. Night Shamalan.  I’m not quite sure it fits into the theme, but is a decent short story.

R-Net is another good Twilight Zone type story following a man who wants to take down a corporation.  He has a device that’ll allow him to do it over and over if he fails.  So what happens when he confronts the evil corporate head?

Lateral Murder is a murder mystery with detectives trying to figure out how someone was killed in a society that doesn’t allow murders.

All of the stories are good, some are in fact great.  RP Comics is a company that should definitely get your attention, as this issue shows, they do quality.

Writer: Brandon Barrows, Ted Woods, Jay Townsend, Martin Brandt II Art: Joel Cotejar, Ted Woods, Rowel Roque, Jay Townsend, Ionic Publisher: Reasonably Priced Comics

Story: 8 Art: 8 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy

Jack Hammer: Political  Science #3

Jack Hammer: Political Science #3The third in a four part limited series.  The protagonist Jack Hammer is still on the trail of the murder and winds up going against a villain from his past.  The series is good.  It’s an entertaining mix of super heroes and a crime story and the dialogue of the characters, action of the story are all great.  There’s great flow to the story.

There’s also been a lot of growth over the three issues as far as the look and style of the characters.  It’s grown into its own and the style has grown on me.  Hair stands out a bit more which adds a bit of  depth to the characters (this was a problem in earlier issues).  The angles and use of panels is solid as well.

But with one more issue to go, we’ll see how the overall story holds up.  The third is just one chapter, but, it’s a pretty decent one.

Writer: Brandon Barrows Art: Ionic Publisher: Reasonably Priced Comics

Story: 7.5 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation: Buy

Reasonably Priced Comics #2 and #3

Reasonably Priced Comics #2The original anthology from Reasonably Priced Comics shows off some of what it does best.  Each issue has three stories in it, all by some talented folks.  This is a good group of folks coming together to put out some fun reads.

Voyaga continues in both issues following our stranded NASA pilot and the future world he’s wound up on.  It’s very Planet of the Apes but stands up on its own.  It’s a very entertaining story that’s almost worth picking up the three issues on its own.

My Way an extraterrestrial Rat Packer has to ditch the mob.  It’s a funny story that has its moments.

The Communicators, two individuals sit across from each other working for their entire lives.  Then the ending just comes up and hits you in the gut.

In the third issue along with Voyaga we have two more entries.Reasonably Priced Comics #3

Kidthulhu has a following and you can see why.  A really funny comic that involves Kidthulhu playing fetch with his dog.  It got me to laugh a few times throughout it.

Western Addition – “Dinner Guests” is a western shoot out that just comes out of nowhere.  Lots of bullets fly around and then it just kind of wraps up.  I’m not the biggest western fan but this was decent with a feel that fits the genre.

These two issues are just solid examples of what this company does.  All of those involved are talented writers and artists and I have them on my radar to expect some solid work in the future, because what they’re doing now is pretty damn good.

Writer: Brandon Barrows, Alex De-Gruchy, Michael Nichols, Martin Brandt II Artist: Ionic, Robert Durham, Joshua Calloway, Jason Stephens, Leandro Panganiban Publisher: Reasonably Priced Comics

Story: 8 Art: 8 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy

Reasonably Priced Comics provided Graphic Policy with FREE copies for review