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Dead Man Run’s Tony Parker Covers Aspen November Solicitations

Official Press Release

Aspen is eagerly awaiting the release of their new series this November, Dead Man’s Run, written by acclaimed Hulk scribe Greg Pak with art by Tony Parker, and the publisher is celebrating the launch across all of their titles for the month. In addition to the regular series cover for the premiere prologue issue, Dead Man’s Run #0, Parker will be providing variant covers for the following Aspen November titles: Haunted City #3, Fathom #4, and Executive Assistant: Iris #5. For Aspen, this is a special occasion collaborating with Parker for the entire month’s catalogue. Aspen EIC Vince Hernandez elaborates:

“We’ve had the rare privilege of seeing Tony Parker grow and develop as an artist throughout the years and to now be able to work with Tony is a real treat. Peter Steigerwald first introduced me to Tony at a convention many years back, and he’s always kept in touch, showing me what he was working on and what he was going to improve on. I didn’t have work available for him at the time, only tips and pointers, but he was a pro and was determined to get better and better at his craft in the meantime. When he started drawing Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep for Boom, I was thrilled for Tony, and also figured that would be the last opportunity to work with him as his art had risen to a level that I thought was fantastic. But, luckily for us—and Tony being the standup guy he is—he kept in touch and let us know that he was still eager to jump into the Aspen Universe. The rest is history.”

Dead Man’s Run is set to debut in November with issue #0 by Aspen Comics and Valhalla Motion Pictures. Written by Pak, Dead Man’s Run tells the story of the nation’s toughest soldier sent into the world’s deadliest maximum-security lockup and the horrifying terror and temptation he uncovers along the way. Dead Man’s Run #0 will feature two covers by series artist Parker and superstar colorist Peter Steigerwald, and Micah Gunnell and Steigerwald.

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