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Lost Boys of Sudan Graphic Novel‏

Official Press Release

“Echoes of the LOST BOYS of Sudan”

Graphic Novel
Created by James Disco & Susan Clark
Illustrated by Niki Singleton
Edited by Susan Clark & Regina Eddleman Willingham

When faced with the darkest and most violent aspects of human nature, the Lost Boys of Sudan give us all a glimpse into the true meaning of faith, resilience and courage. Their story, which is beautifully and simply told through the eyes of four young boys in the graphic novel: “Echoes of the Lost Boys of Sudan”, is an inspiration for readers young and old alike.

At the start of the novel, Angelo, Santino, Matthew, and Michael are all living with their families in Southern and Western Sudan. Their lives are forever changed when, suddenly and out of nowhere, the military from Northern Sudan come to their villages and begin to burn, destroy and ravage everything in sight. The boys run for their lives leaving everything they have ever known behind. The North, in part, wanted full control of the rich resources of the South. This past January, the people of Southern Sudan voted to secede from Northern Sudan. On July 14th, the Republic of Southern Sudan joined the United Nations as its 193rd member.

The graphic novel “Echoes of the Lost Boys of Sudan” embodies the hope and strength of character which is emblematic of the people of this budding nation.

Echoes is featured in the award winning documentary “Comic Book Literacy” which premiered at the Dallas Museum of Art in
February, 2011.

Scenes from Echoes, along with a preview booklet, were on display for the month of June during TVAA Downtown Gallery’s
Exhibition “Art as Story”.

“Echoes of the Lost Boys of Sudan” book signing and author presentation will take place at the Dallas Holocaust Museum August 11, 2011.  .

Echoes can be ordered at:,  Amazon, and Barnes & Nobles. Retailers wanting to carry the book can contact: Ingram, Bowker link, and Baker & Taylor. Published by Brown Books Publishing Group
(972) – 381-0009

ISBN 978-1-61254-005-4
Library of Congress # 20119227698
Printed in the USA
Copyright 2011 James Disco and Susan Clark

Proceeds benefit the DTA, USTA, NJTL Program founded by Arthur Ashe to serve inner-city children with tennis programs, after school programs, life lessons and human rights awareness.

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