Fantagraphics Goes To Duckburg with Carl Barks’ Donald Duck

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From the most beloved comic book creator of the 20th  Century:

A Timeless Classic For All Ages


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“Lost in the Andes”

Carl Barks’ Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge comics are considered among the greatest and most timeless artistic and storytelling achievements in the history of the comics  medium. Yet until now,  his works have only been reprinted in random  comic  book  iterations  or  high-end collectors’  editions. For  the  first  time, read the complete works of one of the medium’s greatest artists in affordably priced hardcover  volumes perfect for parents and children alike,  meticulously restored and re-colored to ensure the very best reproduction Barks’ work has ever received.

Barks began  drawing  the  comic  book  adventures  of  Donald  Duck  in  1942,  and continued  for  the next 30  years,  creating some of the most memorable comics and characters ever put to  page.  This first volume contains over 200 pages of vintage Barks from 1948-1950,  including  the  title story “Lost in the Andes,”  Barks’ personal favorite, wherein Donald and his nephews embark on a Peruvian expedition to solve the mystery of where square eggs come from. Also featured are “The Golden Christmas Tree,” “Race to the South Seas,” and “Voodoo Hoodoo,” as well as over a dozen other stories and strips.

Lost in the Andes also features an introduction by noted Barks scholar Donald Ault, and detailed commentary/annotations for each story at the end of the book, written by the foremost Barks authorities in the world.

Coming in October 2011

“Lost in the Andes”

“The Hans Christian Andersen of comic books.”

Written & Illustrated by Carl Barks

Edited by Gary Groth

$24.99 Hardcover, 240 pages

Full-Color, 7” x 10”
ISBN 978-1-60699-474-0


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