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TVAA Presents “Graphic Novels, Comics, Anime,& Toons: Art As Story”‏

Official Press Release


DALLAS, TX – Beginning June 1 through June 30, 2011 the TVAA will exhibit a tribute to “Graphic Novels, Comics, Anime,& Toons: Art As Story” made up of art by amateurs as well as working professionals. Comics, once thought as fare for kids, have matured with the readers who bought and read them as children. Due to the maturity of the subject matter and technologies the medium has evolved to encompass subject matter and content as diverse and relevant as mediums like prose and film.

Now, movies, television, and animation has been so influenced that many of the properties in comics are considered as story lines attracting larger audiences. The old comic books have come into their own as an art form beyond the pop culture use by such artists as Roy Lichtenstein in the 60’s to the original artwork becoming highly collectible. This is a homage to those who’s interest as novices, fans, and professionals have continued to work in an area of art not looked at seriously among the population at large much less the art public.

A new graphic novel will be introduced titled “Echoes of the Lost Boys of Sudan” based on the true story of 4 boys who escaped the hardships and murders of their village to the United States.  Artwork from the story will be a part of the exhibit and some of the DFW creators of the series will be present at the exhibit’s reception on June 5 starting at 2:00 P.M.

Speaking at the reception will be Dallas filmmaker Todd Kent, whose documentary “Comic Book Literacy” showcases the utilization of the comic book medium to promote literacy and education.  The film will screen throughout the exhibit.  Local NJTL coach James Disco, co-creator of “Echoes of the Lost Boys of Sudan”,  will also be on hand to speak about the ground breaking graphic novel.   Additionally, Bert Cole, Director of the Dallas Tennis Association’s USTA NJTL will have the Closing Remarks on Echoes and the Community

Texas Visual Arts Association is made up of artists and patrons that has been around for approximately 100 years first as the Texas Fine Arts Association (TFAA) later changing in the 1986 to Texas Visual Arts Association (TVAA).

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