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Introduce Myself

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For my first post here, I’d like to introduce myself and thank Brett for giving me the keys to the kingdom.  As Brett mentioned, I’m usually a political blogger and activist, but I read comics in my spare time and I think a lot about the political content of the comics I read, frequently seeing things in the comics others don’t or maybe projecting politics on them that might not be there.  A quick web search would show you that I’m not exactly on the Sarah Palin side of the political spectrum, to put it mildly.

Beyond that, though, I do read comics because I really, really enjoy them, politics or not.  I particularly like superhero comics and horror comics.  I’m mainly a Marvel fanboy, but I like a lot of what DC does and I’m reading more and more indie comics as well.  I also like it when comics make it into other medium like movies and television.   I’m more of a content person than an industry trends person, but that won’t stop me from writing about both if they interest me.  My reviews, when I do them, will conform to the format that Brett has already established.  I’m more of a fan of the writing and storytelling (and love in-jokes, dialog and pop culture references), but I have an appreciation for the art as well, but don’t have as good a grasp at writing about that aspect of it.  I also like the history of the comics, too, and won’t just be writing about current comics, but will go all the way back in the history of superheroes and monsters.  I also read lots of comics blogs and will sometimes respond to things that I read there.  I’m not a cynical comics reader much, so don’t expect me to hate on everything I read, although I will be critical when I feel it’s necessary.  I love comics and I love superhero comics, though, so expect me to talk more about the things I like in those genres than what I don’t like.

My favorites:

1. X-men titles

2. Avengers titles

3. Walking Dead

4. Spider-Man

5. Deadpool

6. Marvel’s cosmic stuff

7. Whatever the current big cross-over events are

8. Thunderbolts

9. Secret Warriors

10. Batman

So expect my writing to lean towards those series.  I’ll also do “quick hits/random thoughts” posts from time to time when I come up with enough of them to warrant a post.  Those will cover thoughts I have that don’t warrant full posts but still need to get out of my head somehow.

Well, that’s about all I have to say for now and I look forward to being a part of the Graphic Policy family.

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