Choice Quotes

While there wasn’t anything worthy of a post last week, this week makes up for it in one entire book.

DC Universe: Decisions #2

In 1797, John Adams succeeded George Washington to become the second President of the United States.  It was the first time in recorded human history that a great nation transferred power to a nonfamilial relation without battle or bloodshed.  The right of Americans to choose our leaders in free and open elections is the true cornerstone of our country’s liberty.  To vote, to cast one’s ballot, is a simple and sacred privilege.  It speaks to the power of the individual.  This nation overflows with opinion, with hopes, with desires, many of which can only be accomplished with the stewardship of great leaders.  We should welcome the debate.  We should embrace the discourse.  The importance of our choices is without measure, and so we should revel in our differences and lend an ear.  To decide, we need to listen.


Green Lantern – We don’t do this!  We don’t campaign for politicians!

Green Arrow – I endorsed a candidate, I’m not canvassing neighborhoods!


Lois Lane – We’re spending so much time promoting what costumed heroes think and feel that we’re distracting from the real story — which is the issues and the perspective of these people running for office.