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Who Are The All-New Young Guns?

Who Are the All-New Young Guns

Image Sends Us an Incoming Communication…

Incoming communication...

Image lets us know It’s Spreading…


Marvel Comes to Disney Infinity

Get ready, the possibilities are…infinite. Marvel‘s characters are coming to the popular video game Disney Infinity. We know version 2.0 is coming of the video game, and while we don’t know exactly who, we do know some of Marvel’s characters will be included. The game has sold more than 3 million starter packs in its first six months. Can we expect Star Wars to be too far behind?

Original Sin – The Hulk & Iron Man Have One.


Marvel asks Who Will Watch Us Now?


Marvel asks Who Returns From Beyond?


The Watcher is Dead. Who is Next?


The Walking Dead Comics Introduce Daryl Dixon

Image has been teasing it, but Daryl Dixon, the popular character from The Walking Dead television show, enters the comic world starting with issue 129.


Or April Fools!

Marvel Asks What Have You Not Been Told?



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