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Aspen Comics C2E2 Announcements

I wasn’t a C2E2, but Aspen Comics hooked us up with all of the announcements they made on their panel.

The Art of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Prior to the release of the major motion picture this June, Aspen will be releasing The Art of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter hardcover featuring 128 pages of never-before-seen storyboards, concept art, costume designs, and production illustrations including sketches and notes from director Timur Bekmambetov.

Soulfire Volume 4

Artist Michael DeBalfo will be joining the Aspen crew for a run on Soulfire Volume 4 this summer, which will include for the first time in Aspen’s history a redesign of the appearance of one of Michael Turner’s principal characters Grace, to serve the epic storyline planned for the fourth volume of Soulfire. DeBalfo will also be providing variant covers for all of Aspen’s August 2012 titles, including Executive Assistant: Assassins, Fathom and their new series Homecoming.

Soulfire: Search For the Light

Starting in June and into July, Aspen will be releasing weekly a Soulfire one-shot issue, each of which will feature one of the five magical “Masters” within the Soulfire universe as they band together in order to find and rescue the Bearer of the Light, Malikai. Each issue will lead into fourth volume launching in August. The creative teams for each series below:

Soulfire Hope by JT Krul and Jose Varese

Soulfire Despair by David Schwartz and Jonathan Marks

Soulfire Faith by Amanda McMurray and Siya Oum

Soulfire Power by David Wohl and Khary Randolph

Soulfire Grace by JT Krul and Pasquale Qualano

Charismagic: The Death Princess

Aspen will be releasing an all-new three issue miniseries before the return of the second volume, Charismagic: The Death Princess in Fall 2012 written by Charismagic creator Vince Hernandez and featuring art by Emilio Lopez and Jocelyn Dunn with covers by Khary Randolph and Emilio Lopez.

Aspen also plans to release a special digital-exclusive Charismagic: Sparkles one-shot story over the summer by Hernandez and Siya Oum with Aspen’s proceeds going to the Make A Wish Foundation.


In August, from the legendary comic minds of Michael Turner, David Wohl and Scott Lobdell comes a new high school supernatural adventure series combining aliens with the always scare life of high school called Homecoming, featuring art by Emilio Laiso and Stefani Rennee.


Aspen’s first-ever superhero comic book is by creator/writer David Schwartz with artists Micah Gunnell and David Curiel. Idolized tells the story of girl with super-powers and a tortured past, who seeks revenge, and ultimately finds redemption, over the course of competing in a televised super-hero competition show. Including covers by the legendary Art Adams, Humberto Ramos, Keron Grant and many more.

Executive Assistant Assassins

Aspen will be releasing their first ever ONGOING series this summer in July with the release of Executive Assistant Assassins by writer Vince Hernandez and rotating art teams. The first three issue story arc is entitled “Life After Death” and features the popular Executive Assistant Lily. “Life After Death” will feature the art team of Jordan Gunderson and Teodoro Gonzalez and will include covers by Joe Benitez, Dustin Nguyen, Eduardo Francisco, Mike DeBalfo, Michael Ryan and more.

Lady Mechanika

The red-hot series by Joe Benitez will have new reprinted covers released for the sold-out issues zero, one and two. The first two of which are currently in stores now.


Shrugged Volume 2

The popular action-comedy series Shrugged returns for a second volume by series creator Frank Mastromauro and will feature a special oversized zero issue upon its return.