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Pick of the Week – DMZ #65

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It’s pretty apparent how much I enjoy Brian Wood‘s DMZ.  The series mixes action and heart with great commentary about modern day politics and world events.  The series is timely and reflective making you the reader think.  It’s never preachy, instead laying out an allegory for you to decide the lesson.  It’s sad to see this series wrapping up this year, but I know I’ll treasure each issue that much more as we barrel towards it’s end.

  1. DMZ #65 – See above.
  2. Heroes for Hire #7 – Comics should be entertaining and fun and this series epitomizes that.  It feels like a throwback to “B” movie exploitation movies, the ones I loved to watch when I was growing up.  Here’s hoping the series continues on and gets the audience it deserves.
  3. Zombie vs. Robots: Undercity #2 – Zombies and robots, do I really need to say more?
  4. Invincible Iron Man #504 – The fact this is a Fear Itself tie-in has me a bit worried, but if anyone can make this lackluster event work it’s Matt Fraction with this series.
  5. “X” Books – Oh, there’s a butt load this week.  Alpha Flight, Astonishing X-Men, Generation Hope, Uncanny X-Force, X-23, X-Factor, X-Men: Giant Size and X-Men: Prelude to Schism.  There’s a big build up this year when it comes to the “X” books that hopefully puts them square, front and center where they should be.