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Review: Justice League United #11

jlu011Justice League United was always a strange enough idea.  Instead of being the Justice League of America, it set the team in Canada and gave them an odd collection of team members, some of whom made some sense, and other who seemed to come out of left field.  It was aided in its odd collection by adding in other new characters, in this case specifically Equinox, the superpowered Cree girl that was drawn into the missions due to her proximity to danger.  Those who had been read the series and expecting some change after the Infinitus Saga would have been right, just it is not clear if they might have expected this much change.

Adam Strange is still here, although he has seemingly become a part of the Zeta Beam.  So too are Alanna Strange, Stargirl, Animal Man and Equinox, although the other members seem to be gone, at least for the time being.  Collected instead is one of the strangest groupings of characters to ever bear the name of Justice League – the demon Etrigan, Mera the mermaid, Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy.  They have been grouped together by the remaining team members to battle an unknown threat originating from the waters of Lake Erie, a strange enough location for a superhero team to be focused on but as it stands, evidently a very important one.  The team coalesces under these strange circumstances, but things right away don’t go for them how they were expecting as they are forced to deal with a much larger threat than what they had anticipated.

This series is off most people’s radar but the question remains of whether it should be.  The creative team is evidently not afraid to take chances, especially with the odd selection of members for this otherwise iconic team.  Of course there are likely very few people that would read an ongoing title with this collection of heroes, but the mix here is exactly what is needed for this story arc, or so it would seem as the team is assembled together.  As was proven as well with Justice League Dark, those looking for their fix of Justice League need not only look to the main titles but also to the other Justice League titles on the market, because as with the case here, they will sometimes find a gem.

Story: Jeff Parker  Art: Travel Foreman
Story: 8.4 Art: 8.4  Overall: 8.4  Recommendation: Read