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Around the Tubes

It’s a new week. What are folks looking forward to? Also, San Diego Comic-Con is right down the road! Folks excited for one of the biggest conventions of the year?

Around the Tubes

Lawyers, Guns, Money – The Dark Knight Returns and The Zak Snyder School of Literal FilmmakingBut to really look at this, wouldn’t it be better to look at his adaptation of 300. And is it weird these are all Frank Miller comics?

Bleeding Cool – Does Superior Spider-Man Make Peter Parker Seem Pathetic?I think the article missed the point that the series is about Otto’s journey, not Peter’s.

The Motley Fool – Marvel’s Marketing Masterstroke Atones for Its “Iron Man 3” MistakeSo how did they atone? Kind of missed the ball on this one two as I had no idea it released finally.

Bleeding Cool – After Sandy Hook, Jim Carrey “Cannot Support That Level Of Violence” In Kick-Ass 2As opposed to all of the other shootings?