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Kaiten Books Announces New Releases: Gacha Girls Corps Vol. 1, Th Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting! Vol. 1, and Welcome to the Outcast’s Restaurant! Vol. 1

Kaiten Books has announced that they’ve licensed not one, not two, but three new titles to be released early next year!

Gacha Girls Corps Vol. 1

Gacha Girls Corps Vol. 1

Artist: Syuu Haruno
Author: chinkururi / Character Design: Isegawa Yasutaka
Digital Release: January 8, 2021
Physical Release: TBA


Ready for an adventure that’s out of this world? We’ve gacha covered.

Norl’s a cutting-edge cutie with a cutting edge who’s a cut above the rest. Heihachi’s just your average mobile game addict with a whale-sized hole in his wallet.

But one day, he pulls an item that pulls him into another world, spinning his life around with a spin of the gacha.

Attacked by monsters, and left without options, Heihachi does what he knows best—roll gacha! To his surprise, he watches his unit materialize before his eyes. Heihachi’s used to seeing cute girls pop up on his phone, but he’s never seen one pop out of his phone!

Join him on his quest to collect OP UR QTs! (That’s Overpowered Ultra Rare Cuties.)

The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting! Vol. 1

The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting! Vol. 1

Author/Artist: Tsukiya
Digital Release: February 12, 2021
Physical Release: TBA


Kirishima Tooru is the right-hand man of the Sakuragi crime family. For him, the job is a perfect excuse to let his violent instincts run wild, earning him the nickname “the Demon of Sakuragi”. It seems like nothing will stand in the way of his vicious nature.

But then one day, he receives an assignment like never before from the boss—babysitting his daughter!

This is the heartwarming (or is it bloodcurdling?) story of a little girl and her yakuza caretaker!

Welcome to the Outcast’s Restaurant! Vol. 1

Welcome to the Outcast’s Restaurant! Vol. 1

Artist:  Tsumumi
Author:  Yuuki Kimikawa / Character Design: Gaou
Digital Release: March 12, 2021
Physical Release: TBA


Dennis is one of the most popular members of the Silverwing Battalion, the world’s strongest party. So popular, in fact, that the party leader expels him from the group out of spite.

Stripped of his home, Dennis decides to start life anew following his true calling—as a chef! His life as an adventurer might be over, but his new life as a cook is just beginning. He teams up with Atelier, a young girl who has been similarly exiled from her home, and opens up a restaurant for adventurers.

He’s finally able to live out his dream, but he’ll need use of more than just his cooking skills to take care of his eclectic customers’ problems!