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Review: Yours

In today’s world of emails and texts, it almost seems it was more than a century ago, we used to write letters. There was something genuine, about sitting to write down a letter, to someone you know, or even regular correspondence. This always felt so personal, as to handwrite a letter, as if some of you went into the words when you write those words with a fountain pen. What also made it personal, is that however bad the handwriting, it told the story of them.

I am not totally dismissing emails and texts, as thy have some heartfelt messages, but the beauty of cursive, not computer-generated script, speaks volumes. As the world gets more away from writing in ink, and more on computer, the notion of writing and or drawn by hand is instantly romantic. So, when a creator draws by hand, the word “old school”, usually comes to mind, but to me it is magical. So, when I heard about Sarah Ferrick’s “Yours” I, I wanted to know what drew so many to the recent SPX Ignatz Award nominee.

Her book, opens on a love letter, “Cantar”, where her obsession with a lover leaves her under a spell. In “Sec”, she goes through a flurry of emotions, as her need to be the next person is the passion only love can bring. In “Margot”, a beautiful story about a relationship gone sour with an unintended consequence.  By book’s end, each story is affecting and will leave you with feelings all your own.

Overall, an excellent book filled with stories that are very personal and very relatable. The stories by Ferrick, are simply beautiful. The art by Ferrick, is both gorgeous and jolting. Altogether an excellent book, that will have remembering the last time you fell for someone as hard.

Story: Sarah Ferrick Art: Sarah Ferrick
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy