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Review: Superman Wonder Woman #17

sww17With the onset of Convergence, DC Comics’ newest Crisis level event, it is interesting to look at the progress of this series in particular.  The romantic union of Superman and Wonder Woman is after all one of the biggest changes post-Flashpoint in the new 52, where readers were promised a lot of changes but mostly got a lot of new costumes.  The pairing of these two was hinted at even before Flashpoint was over, and while it took about a year to realize, the two were destined for each other.  The concept at first was even one of almost childlike execution, with the two falling in love with each other over flimsy reasoning, and the application of their feelings for each other was often presented in what wouldn’t make it past the editing room for a Harlequin romance knock-off (for instance the Young Romance Valentine’s Day special).

With Convergence promising to come back into the DC universe and to shake things up again, it kind of remains to be seen whether this pairing is one which should stand after the event, or if it is an experiment which is failed and should be removed.  The inherent problem with the association has never been Superman.  He has Lois, but a different route is being taken for him and her romantically.  The problem was and is Wonder Woman, how one of DC Comics’ strongest heroes is reduced to knee shaking quivering schoolgirl at the sight of Superman.  This presentation is one which has been more evident in the Superman focused titles.  The opposite approach has been that of the Wonder Woman monthly which has barely addressed the romance at all (even going so far as to suggest a better pairing of her with Orion.)  The middle ground of course is this series.  The series can be said to be somewhat of an evolution of the pairing, with Wonder Woman in the first few issues being presented as a damsel in distress and not so much of a hero, and even less of the person behind the tiara.  That there has be a shift in the attitude is evident in this issue as it ties into Wonder Woman’s history more than Superman’s, as they battle Circe and one of her agents Magog, with a mind controlled Superman to boot.  It is Wonder Woman that is left to save the day, as Superman is left as a mostly helpless bystander.

Time will tell if the romance between the two will endure or just be a flash in the pan of comic history, but at the very least if this is the route being taken for their time together then at least it is one which does the characters justice.  Instead of this being the Superman comic featuring Wonder Woman as his main squeeze as it started out, it is now much more balanced between the two, and that it has reached this status by the time of Convergence is an indication that maybe the gamble worked to put these two together.

Story: Peter J. Tomasi  Art: Doug Mahnke and Ed Benes
Story: 7.5 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation: Read