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Review: Future Echoes

In a day and time, when a target on everyone, and hate is at an all-time high, the mindfulness of thinking of those less fortunate tends to be not taken at all. The most hurtful tidbit of this happening was during this last presidential election, where the current POTUS made fun of a disabled reporter. The mere fact, that this did not disgust the rest of America enough to not let him, shows just how ignorant Americans really are. What the world fails to understand is that disabled people already have it hard, but probable, and having empathy for them is different from feeling sorry for them, which none of them want.

In fiction, other than a handful of characters like Ironside , Monk, and Zatoichi,  it is quite rare, that disabled characters get to be the protagonists in  most stories. In comics, the newly released Superb, the world gets its first down syndrome superhero. Other than these examples, most people with disabilities are rarely portrayed in the media. So, when I read that Al Davison had wrote a book about a disabled paranormal investigator in Future Echoes, I was more than intrigued.

We meet a paranormal investigator by the name of Professor Harlan Woodbine, who is the foremost expert in paranormal studies, who have been summoned to an estate of famous late painter, apparently it is haunted. Harlan, sets up for the first night, thinking it may be a hoax, when some unsettling things starts to appear, things get scary fast. Eventually he learns what really happened at the estate, as the true artist is someone unexpected. By book’s end, justice is served, and Harlan realizes he is more than anyone’s perceptions.

Overall, this book is a change in basic assumptions, as a spine tingle involved a disabled hero, an exhilarating story that serves as a more serious High Spirits. The story by Davison is sympathetic, beautiful, scary and smart. The art by Davison and Yen Quach is gorgeous (Davison draws Harlan and Yen draws Amelia with both drawing the time-shift sequences together). Altogether, an excellent story that will challenge your own preconceived notions.

Story: Al Davison Art: Al Davison, Yen Quach
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy