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Review: Year Long Summer

The feeling of being attracted to another human being is unlike any other feeling in the world. As human beings meet new people just about every day, but how one perceives them is subjective. As your personal life, pretty much dictates how you would approach someone who you would otherwise be attracted to. This very notion, is all about choices.

Which makes long distance relationships a n even harder concept for most people to wrap their minds around. As those relationships that start where they are proximity and move apart, don’t tend to last, form the people I know who have tried it. Then are those who start off long distance, and usually those are the ones that last. In the Year Long Summer, Kelly Bastow, tells her own story of long distance relationships and the length she went for one such.

In the opening pages, the narrator/artists introduce herself to the reader, as you intimately get to know her and her different relationships, as she tells the reader, she will tell you about her first relationship and the one which she traveled half the world for. We get to know how she handles her visit with him, and she even gets into all the awkward air that usually populates whatever room you are in, when you are getting to know someone. What the reader finds out that she not only falls in love this man but also with the place where he dwells, Australia. By book’s end, you will feel for her as the breakup is cruel and cuts to your heart like a sharp blade.

Overall, a well told tale of love and ultimately loss that is both light hearted and heartfelt. The story by Bastow is intelligent, lovely, and true to life. The art by Bastow, is the perfect compliment to the story. Altogether, a story you will soon not forget and you will love to read again.

Story: Kelly Bastow Art: Kelly Bastow
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy