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Traverse the galaxy with two Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures collections

Dark Horse Comics presents Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures – The Complete Phase I, collected in one volume for the first time. The compendium is written by New York Times bestselling author Daniel José Older, illustrated by Harvey Tolibao, colored by Rebecca Nalty, and lettered by Jake M. WoodThe Complete Phase I collects the entire series including short stories and will be followed by the collection of another Phase I four-issue miniseries, Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures: The Monster of Temple Peak and Other Stories, written by Cavan Scott, with interior and cover art by Rachael Stott, lettering by Studio RAM and colors by Watermark Studio.

Set hundreds of years before the Skywalker Saga, Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures – The Complete Phase I chronicles a time of galactic renaissance when the Jedi are at the height of their power and the Republic is experiencing unparalleled peace…until a mysterious evil known as the Nihil threatens to cast its shadow over all the free worlds of the galaxy!

Follow the adventures of Lula, Farzala, and Qort, untested Jedi Padawans, and their Masters, Torban “Buckets of Blood” Buck and Master Yoda, on their mission to rescue the inhabitants of the planet Trymant IV in the wake of a deadly Nihil attack. Two of those citizens, teenagers Zeen and Krix, will have to decide whether to go against all they believe and trust the Jedi, or go it alone and risk falling prey to the Nihil’s evil plans. 

Perfect for readers of all ages, The Complete Phase I collects the entire Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures (Phase I) series by Daniel José Older and Harvey Tolibao, with six never-before-collected issues, a new epilogue story, and of course, the fan-favorite The Galactic Bake-Off Spectactular one-shot!

In Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures: The Monster of Temple Peak and Other Stories, follow former Jedi Padawan turned saber-for-hire monster hunter Ty Yorrick in her first comics appearance along with other epic stories from Phase I of The High Republic initiative.