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Choice Quotes

Punisher Annual #1

Spider-man – They’ll be given a fair trial — you remember — the hallmark of a democracy?  You like democracy.  Don’t you?

Punisher – Why?  You want to put this to a vote?

Secret Warriors #8

Norman Osborn – But is a secret something we don’t tell the people, or something the people don’t want to be told?  The man I work for thinks it’s the latter.  My boss — the big man in the big white house — will leave his job with bloody hands like every President before him.  It’s the dirty work he does so the good people of this country can sleep at night.  And I know you know it’s true… look at the similarities between how we and our opponents behave — compare our methods.  You think just because we’re a democracy we can afford to be less ruthless than our enemies?  Of course not.