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Review: Metabarons Volume 2 Aghnar & Oda

Metabarons Volume 2 Aghnar & OdaFollowing in your family’s footsteps can be hard. Throughout history, men either live up to family name or don’t. The legacy John Adams, left his son, John Quincy Adams, is probably one of the most interesting to have been realized. Being of our first presidents, John Adams, had to blaze his own trail and disprove his detractors.

His son, John Quincy Adams, years later, would do the same, but also surpass his father’s legacy. The Bushes would be of a different pedigree and caliber than the Adams family. Nonetheless, also in that relationship, the son surpassed the father. IN the second volume of Metabarons, we meet Aghnar, the s of the first Metabaron, a man very must formidable and even more powerful than his father.

In the opening pages of Metabarons Volume 2 Aghnar & Oda, we meet Aghnar, already battle tested and for the first time, meeting someone who can possibly destroy him, the Witches of Shabda-Oud. As his mother gets destroyed by the Witches, they as have cursed his father, and Aghnar must kill him, to save the empire. Soon after, he must marry a princess to rule effectively, where he fights to win the hand of Oda The Capricious, a princess who is said to be a sort of prophet, by killing the suitor she was promised.  By book’s end, the empire is in trouble, but his love is saved and someone from his past miraculously returns.

Overall; Metabarons Volume 2 Aghnar & Oda is a great story, this book is the defining  installment in this series, as it not only solidified it as a space opera, but an epic. The story by Alejandro Jodorowsky is tormenting, beautiful and but ultimately satisfying. The art by Juan Gimenez proves he is one fo the artists who gets space operas right. Altogether, a fine installment which proves that this series was ahead of its time.

Story: Alejandro Jodorowsky  Art: Juan Gimenez
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy