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Heavy Metal Announces The Axe from Fall Out Boy’s Joe Trohman and Brian Posehn

The Axe

Heavy Metal has announce a new comic book series co-created by Joe Trohman, guitarist of multi-platinum, GRAMMY Award-nominated Fall Out Boy and The Damned Things, and Brian Posehn, actor extraordinaire and stand-up comedian. Trohman and Posehn’s story The Axe will be featured as an ongoing serial in the legendary illustrated horror, sci-fi, and fantasy Heavy Metal Magazine and then collected into a comic book series.

A horror-comedy adventure, The Axe follows three nerdy, skatepunk, metalhead teens that, upon stealing an old, cursed guitar, open a portal to an interdimensional hell-scape, Sheol. Thus, the kids fall into a world where they must fend-off hideous ancient creatures—that would very much like to kill and eat them—while trying to get back to Earth. Imagine Army of Darkness meets The Goonies.

Trohman and Posehn are teaming up again with artist Scott Koblish, who is illustrating The Axe; Koblish and Posehn previously collaborated on a stellar run of Marvel’s Deadpool comic series, and all three creators recently contributed to the Anthrax: Among The Living graphic novel. Artist Diego Fichera has also come on board to color The Axe series.

Heavy Metal is also currently developing The Axe as a screen adaptation as part of a slate of projects that Heavy Metal is producing based on original IP from the acclaimed publisher.

Posehn and Trohman’s The Axe series will premiere in Heavy Metal Magazine as a serial in early 2022, and will be collected into a comic book series, and ultimately a trade paperback. More news on the screen adaptation to come.

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