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Review: Tezla #1

Tezla #1

In a world where knowledge of anything is only a Google or YouTube search away, it’s always surprising to hear how people still have not heard something that was once considered common knowledge.

One example is how zip codes were created and for what reason. These are things that surround all the time but yet people do not possess the knowledge or do not care to. Take for instance, how just about every culture in the world has some story of fable involving a dragon. We are thought to believe that these stories were purely myths.

Another widely held belief mythologized by genre fiction is the belief of beings possessing telekinesis. Some scientists have held this as scientific fact. Some humans possess the power to move things with just their minds. This elicits the saying “mind over matter.” If this is possible can other abilities lay dormant in most people? In the debut issue of Tezla, we meet a hero whose abilities may not only help others but also herself.

We meet Tessa Rogers, an unassuming teenager, who like most do not know what their parents do for a living, and Tessa for the most part doesn’t know what her dad does for a living. This changes, when he tests him and Tessa for whether a drug that his company has been working on will unlock a gene in all humans which will unleash their inner powers. As she finds out exactly if she has abilities, we also meet Sgt. Hector Salvador, an Army soldier, who had been volunteered to take the drug. By issue’s end, Tess becomes Tezla, someone criminals fear.

Overall, a solid start for this new hero and a story that feels familiar yet brand new at the same time. The story by Dimitris Moore and Sam Eggleston is smart and well developed. The art by Whitney Cook is sharp and vivid. Altogether, a good story that looks to get better with the second issue, but lays an excellent foundation in this stellar introduction.

Story: Dimitris Moore and Sam Eggleston Art: Whitney Cook
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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