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Review: Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery

When it comes to horror fiction, there very few author names, that comes with a single thought. Those single thoughts are usually tied to the feelings one had when reading these writers works and the physical effects it had on their being, such as sudden claustrophobia. I remember the firs time, I read Brandon Massey, and wondered just how twisted human beings could be. The first time I read Lovecraft, I could not sleep for days, wondering if I something I dreamt would attack me in the middle of the night.

Then there was the wild imagination of Stephen King, which would leave me uneasy for days, as he makes you suspect everyone around you. The only author that I have only been able to read and re-read, for the sheer enjoyment of wanting to be frightened, is the immortal Shirley Jackson. Her book, The Haunting Of Hill House, is one of my most cherished books, and one I would recommend, to those looking for a true scare. Which I why when I found out that her grandson did a graphic adaptation of The Lottery, I wanted to see just how faithful it would be to the original story.

The book opens on a small town, where a rather obscure ritual has endured for centuries, and one that each town person has come to expect. One by one, starting with the children, they assemble in the town square. When everyone is gathered, the lottery begins, one where each family must be represented. By story’s end, the selectee decries their fate, and this where the shock of winning the lottery is unleashed onto the reader.

Overall, a compelling richly told story, filled with dread, suspense and utter dismay that will soon not leave the reader. The story by Shirley Jackson is eerie, mysterious, and gripping. The art by Miles Hyman is both beautiful and deceptive, leaving the reader dazzled. Altogether, this adaptation does justice to a story which is probably Jackson’s most famous and deservedly so, as this proves she was a master of stories.

Story: Shirley Jackson Art: Miles Hyman
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy