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Review: El Peso Hero #2

One of the most underrated shows of all time, in my humble opinion, and probably one of the best shows to come from Showtime, is Weeds. It started off as a show about a newly widowed single mother in the suburbs trying to figure out a way to survive and raise her two sons. The show evolved to more than hat, as it challenged what society thought of gender roles and how much America had misunderstood the war on drugs until then. Eventually, the main character would deal, with Mexican cartels, and just how powerful they were.

They also got into money laundering and exactly how they hid the money and how they distributed the drugs. They also delved into exactly how the cartels got the drugs between both countries, and what has famously been made light of on the news because of El Chapo, the underground tunnels. This had a whole story arc within one of its penultimate seasons, and showed audiences how big these networks are. In the second issue of El Peso Hero, our hero stops some traffickers form traveling across to America.

Shortly after, he is recruited by his cousin to stop a large shipment of weapons by one of the drug lords. Little does he know it is a trap to lure him to in the open by Don Catrin, which ends in disaster. El Peso Hero, makes it his mission to find out who is responsible for the casualties. The issue ends with a fire fight on a crowded bridge between Don Catrin’s men and the police, which ends in a casualty of someone close to El Peso Hero.

Overall, an engaging second issue which takes the reader right in the middle of the action. The story by Hector Rodriguez continues to surprise, and steps up his game over the first issue. The art by Guillermo Villareal still resonates with the reader, leaving their eyes dazzled. Altogether, an excellent issue which pushes this narrative forward and sets up what look to be a major battle.

Story: Hector Rodriguez III Art: Guillermo Villareal
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy