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Review: Delegates #9

Delegates #9

When the going gets tough, sometimes uneasy alliances are a way for us to move forward. We may find ourselves reaching for people we would not normally be aligned with. They also can be more manageable relationships, as you can be more objective than actual friendships. In my experience, the ones where everyone has their own agendas are usually the strongest.

Most uneasy alliances also can be tender as they may be hanging on a string. An episode of Mayans MC shows what happens when your connection is not easily aligned. One thing can offset what could be a fruitful partnership. In the ninth issue of Delegates, we find two characters with opposite agendas forging a coalition.

We catch up with our heroes shortly after the events of the last issue where they were attacked at their temporary refuge. They looked to rebuild by reaching out to the local warlord Tau. Aminah’s advisors plead for her to think of alternative means. They eventually hold court with Tau looking for safe passage. Aminah offers him a favor if they retake the capital. By the issue’s end, Amina and her associates fall into a trap.

Overall, an exhilarating chapter in this tense dogmatic thriller, that gets into the layers of negotiation leaders go through. The story by Bin Lee is intellectual and fast-paced. The art by the creative team is stunning. Altogether, a story that shows anything can tip the scales in a delicate sociopolitical climate.

Story: Bin Lee
Art: Kendal Gates, Rebecca Harris, Heather Breckel,
and Taylor Esposito
Story: 10 Art: 9.6 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Delegates #8

Delegates #8

In the eighth issue of Delegates, we find our protagonists at the turning point, where they either give in or retract in a moment of confidence which could mean life or death.

Marla and Zahira are dealing with the repercussions of the androids killing the villagers and how little control they have over them. Daoud and Saito are doing their backup of Amina while she struggles knowing she’s needed elsewhere. As the protagonists try to guess what General Uba’s next move is, they make their own preparations to counter his actions. By issue’s end, one chess move by Uba leaves our heroes in a cloud of chaos but ready to react.

Overall, an action-packed issue which shows just how master storytellers unravel a plot. The story by Tina Cesa Ward is astonishing. The art by the creative team is magnificent. Altogether, one of the best issues yet from this spectacular series.

Story: Tina Cesa Ward
Art: Kendall Gates, Rebecca Harris, Heather Breckel,
and Taylor Esposito
Story: 9.8 Art: 9.7 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Delegates #7

Delegates #7

Trust is a fragile thing that’s earned and soon after, needs to be preserved. People who trust too easily find that faith broken way too fast. Those who don’t trust as easy are because they’ve been burnt too many times. Trust becomes more important when it comes to life and death situations.

When I was in the military, and I was in situations where one wrong turn could be my last, I trusted the man behind me and sometimes in front of me, to watch out for me. At that moment, complete faith in each other is what ultimately brought most of us home in one piece. When you have trust in another human being like that, unwavering, it becomes because of the solidarity you all hold together. In the seventh issue of Delegates, we find our protagonists in new situations that will put everything they believe in question.

We find Marla shortly after someone made an assassination attempt on the President, as the villagers want to execute General Uba’s right-hand man for his audacious attempt, which gives Aminah pause, showing her ability to reason despite the fact that she’s an android. We also find Victoria still recovering from her injuries, while warning Marla and Amina of the impending wave of blowback that is yet to come form news of her being a robot. We also find Saito working under meager conditions knowing that his work could not only mean the survivability of Aminah and the future of the country. We also find General Uba, fighting to keep the country afloat, as his leadership is questioned.

Overall, a powder keg of an issue, that ignites that the moments you least expect. The story by Bin Lee is extraordinary. The art by the creative team is simply breathtaking. Altogether, another action-packed installment in an already excellent series.

Story: Bin Lee
Art: Kendall Gates, Rebecca Harris, Heather Breckel,
and Taylor Esposito
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy