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SDCC 2012 – Award-Winning Graphic Novel Trilogy Soul Stealer: The Collector’s Edition Compilation Debuts At SDCC

Award-Winning Graphic Novel Trilogy
Compilation Debuts at San Diego Comic-Con

For Immediate Release: San Diego, CA—June 13, 2012—Soul Stealer, the epic graphic novel trilogy whose final volume won Aint It Cool News’ award for “Best New Graphic Novel ofCvr the Year” in 2011, is debuting for the first time as a compilation in SOUL STEALER: THE COLLECTOR’S EDITION (Blackwatch Comics, ISBN 978-1-926869-04-9, July 2012) at San Diego Comic-Con, Booth #4401.

SOUL STEALER: THE COLLECTOR’S EDITION reflects the nine-year collaboration of writer Michael Easton (THE GREEN WOMAN with Peter Straub for DC/Vertigo) and illustrator Christopher Shy (DEAD SPACE: SALVAGE for IDW and PATHFINDER for Dark Horse). This is the first time all three volumes appear in one compilation, and limited to just 1,000 copies, they are signed by both, the artist and the author.

The Soul Stealer trilogy answers the question: How far would you go to get back someone you love? This centuries-spanning saga follows fallen warrior and Frankenstein-like pieced together protagonist Kalan, living in a sci-fi/fantasy world mixing Easton’s gothic prose with Shy’s moody, esoteric, and atmospheric imagery. Overwrought with grief when Kalan loses his love Oxania in a murder by nemesis Apis Bull, he transforms into a supernatural being who returns souls from the afterlife in his quest to reunite with his beautiful, elusive lover and avenge her killer.

The large format publication is a Taschen-like 13” x 9” and 536 full-color pages of lush imagery, including 100 pages of new art, and covering the three volumes of the award-winning saga: The Beaten and the Damned, Blood and Rain, and Last to Die. The book retails for $59.99.

Easton and Shy will appear at the Blackwatch Comics release party and at San Diego Comic-Con Booth #4401 Wednesday, July 11, 2012 through Sunday, July 15th. For more information, visit BlackwatchComics.com or contact publicist Denise Dorman of WriteBrainMedia at 630.845.4694.

About Michael Easton

Michael Easton is perhaps best known for his roles on the daytime dramas General Hospital and One Life to Live, as well as the series Ally McBeal, VR5 and Total Recall 2070. Easton collaborated with bestselling author Peter Straub on the stunning graphic novel, THE GREEN WOMAN for DC/Vertigo, which was released in 2010.

About Christopher Shy

Christopher Shy’s most recent work is the massively popular, DEAD SPACE: SALVAGE for IDW. Other graphic novels include PATHFINDER for Dark Horse, which was made into a feature film for director Marcus Nispel, with whom Shy also collaborated with on the visual design for the movies, FRIDAY THE 13th and CONAN THE BARBARIAN. He is currently finishing his latest novel Cold. Shy is the founder of Studio Ronin.

Soul Stealer Links:

Websites: http://www.blackwatchcomics.com/ and http://michaeleaston.com/soulstealer.html

Facebook: http://facebook.com/soulstealer.graphicnovels