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Dark Horse’s House of Penance Signing at JHU

I got to meet two more comic book greats at Jim Hanley’s Universe yesterday: Peter Tomasi and Ian Bertram who were on hand to promote their new book from Dark Horse Comics, Penance.

Our very own Christopher Scott already gave it a positive review that you can check out here. After reading it myself, I concur. Penance is Tomasi’s and Bertram’s take on the mythological story behind San Jose’s Winchester Mystery House, built by Sarah Winchester, the uber wealthy widow of gun baron William Wirt Winchester.  Augmented by Bertram’s grim and macabre artwork, issue one lays the groundwork for the mystery behind Sarah’s madness and incessant infatuation with the construction of the house.

The team already have five issues penned and ready for printing, so go out and buy it, you won’t regret it!

Bonus! Tomasi also signed my copy of Superman #51: