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Toy Stories – April 30th 2014

Prepare for Titanfall indeed. Leading up to the figures debut at Thailand Toy Expo, threezero brings a us a sneak-peek of their latest offering: Titanfall: Atlas














This is not a statue or small scale figure, this beast is nearly 21″ tall and articulated. The 6″ scale pilot will also be on display, but in a unpainted form. No word yet on a price point, but I’m thinking EXPENSIVE.

Mattel Toy Collector also dropped the word on some of their SDCC exclusives. First up is a Masters of the Universe Filmation coloured Hordak from She-Ra, a figure long requested by fans. The figure includes interchangeable arms, snap-on claw, staff and Imp sidekick. Pre-order or buy at the show and you’ll also get a bagged bonus item, the “Imp as a Treasure Chest” figure.













SDCC will also be the place to finally pick up a Doomsday in containment suit from the now dead DCU Classics series. Coming in at over 9″ tall, this figure is scaled far better than the “Unleased Doomsday” from earlier in DCU Classics series. Doomsday comes packed in a special window box that will pay homage to Superman: The Man of Steel #18.


Doom doom doom doom doom, doom doom do DOOM













Both figures will available for pre-order June 24, 2014 at MattyCollector.com for pick up at SDCC. For those of us unable to attend the show, the figures will be available for purchase at MattyCollector.com on August 5, 2014.