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Review: Curse Of The Wendigo #2

curse of the wendigo 2 coverThe Curse Of The Wendigo #2 is the second part in a two comic story set during July 1917. There is something hunting the French and German forces, something mutilating and killing their soldiers. Although the armies are trying to kill each other, this unknown horror has driven them together under a common threat that needs to be dealt with before the two forces can go back to civilized business of killing each other.

What threat could possibly drive the French and German armies to postpone their hostilities in order t combat? Well if you’ve read the title of the comic, or issue #1, then you probably have a very good idea of what that threat will be. Curse Of The Wendigo does an excellent job of touching on the tensions between the two nations, never throwing it directly into your face and yet never understating what would be a far from easy relationship between opposing armies. This is exacerbated in many ways by the threat facing the hand picked team that combines soldiers from each side, and Wohtai, one of 12,000 Native America soldiers active in the First World War, and the only man who knows what it is they must defeat together before normal hostilities return. A man who has been tasked by his tribe to put an end to the threat half way across the world.

Matthieu Missoffe’s writing continues to impress, and the final chapter of this story surpasses that of the opening chapter; the conclusion is bloody, brutal, and yet utterly perfect. If you’re familiar with the talents of Charlie Adlard, and his work from The Walking Dead, then you should know what to expect with the second issue. It’s very solid, and he has a unique ability to convey the horrific situation the French and German soldiers find themselves in without confusing the readers eye, while acknowledging the toll that the land and populace suffered during World War One; what accentuates Charlie Adlard’s artwork is the brilliant Aurore Folny‘s work on adding jut the right amount of colour to the pages of this comic. 

As the first full story that I’ve read from Delcourt, Curse Of The Wendigo is an excellent introduction to the publisher’s comic books; and the continuing publication of Delcourt‘s English language translations through ComiXology is introducing comic book readers in North America to some wonderful stories that up until now were only available in French. Look out for the two part Curse Of The Wendigo; it’s fantastic.

Story: Matthieu Missoffe Art: Charlie Adlard Colours: Aurore Folny
Story: 9 Art: 8.5 Overall: 9
Recommendation: Buy

Delcourt and comiXology provided Graphic Policy a FREE copy for review