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Machine Girl Returns this Fall to face the Space Invaders

Following up its spectacular launch in 2019, Matts and artist Sergio Monjes return to the world of Machine Girl, with the release of Machine Girl and the Space Invaders, a four-issue mini-series in November 2020.

Picking up a year after the end of the first series, Machine Girl vol. 2 finds Megan and her friends joining the ranks of the space pirates to try and get together enough money to strike out on their own.  Those plans are put on the back burner, however, when a sudden horde of SPACE INVADERS! arrives and it’s up to Machine Girl to stop them!

Red 5 Comics will also be releasing a collection of the first Machine Girl series in a 120-page trade paperback including all four issues of the initial series along with background sketches and rare cover art. Catch up on Machine Girl Vol. 1 and then jump into Machine Girl and the Space Invaders.

Machine Girl and the Space Invaders