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Review: Lylith & Mara: Sisters of the Dark #1

Lylith & Mara: Sisters of the Dark #1

The legend of King Arthur is one of the most obsessed stories in all of literature. The draw is due to its symbolism and the journey that the main character takes from commoner to King. Most readers are fascinated with his bonding with Merlin and his fight with his sister Morgana. Others become enamored with the love story between Arthur and Guinevere and the eventual dissolution of their love.

What stood out to me is the divine dominion that Arthur receives. In doing what is right yields a reward greater than he would ever believe. He would become king and marry a woman he would love until his kingdom’s ruin. This innocence that Arthur had before becoming King is a part of the journey that’s not really explored. In Jason Dube and Frederick Allison Jr.’s debut issue of Lylith & Mara, we find two sisters, who would mean more to the world than they would ever know.

We open on a scene where monsters are attacking humans in broad daylight, which is where we meet our protagonists. As Mara, the sibling who just so happens to be the original Succubus tries to understand why these monsters, which just so happens to be part of their family’s army, has grown exponentially. She cannot fathom what Lylith, her twin sister, who just so happens to be the original Vampire is thinking. Mara gives the reader, a bit of background on her family including their parents, a demon who seduced their human mother, and a flashback to when they learned how to harness their powers when they grew to maturity. We find out that Lylith was in love with a demon, Ambrogio, who she helped defeat Apollo. Meanwhile, Mara soon discovers that she is pregnant, and her focus turns to the child she brings to the underworld. This catches Lucifer’s attention, as he dispatches his messengers to announce his desires for Lylith’s child. As the sisters attempt to figure what to do next, Ambrogio knows of a secret path to the human world. By issue’s end, Mara soon realizes exactly what would be heading their way.

Overall, an engaging story which is not your typical hell on earth tale but an epic fable about good and evil. The story by Dube is elaborate, smart and action-packed. The art by Allison Jr is breathtaking and engrossing. Altogether, a story that is more than any reader would expect, as this world that this creative team has created, is one you won’t soon forget.

Story: Jason Dube Art: Frederick Allison Jr.
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy