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Choice Quotes

Black Panther #10

M’Toka – You have to admit, N’Dega, that the Princess-regent gave a powerful speech.  She addressed the financial crisis and laid out the government’s step-by-step plan to deal with it.

N-Dega – Yes.  It was very well written.  But clever words are not what this country needs right now.  They need leadership.  Real leadership… that’s not phoned in.


Black Panther – It’s disheartening to know that an enlightened people such as our own can succumb to paranoia so thoroughly that xenophobia becomes their ideology.

Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard #1

Commander – You eye-gee shlagers! Totalitarian hitmen!

Voltar – Yeah, that’s enough political commentary from you.

Supergod #1

Simon Reddin – The whole of religious history is about us trying to build amazing creatures that will save the world.