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Sergio Aragonés’ Groo the Wanderer Acquired for Animated Film and Television

Groo meets Tarzan

Sergio AragonésGroo the Wanderer is the latest comic property to be snatched for development for film or television. Josh Jones has acquired the animated film and television rights. Jones intends to produce an animated adaptation through his film company, Did I Err Productions.

Jones and Did I Err partner Scott Nocas with be the executive producers on the project with Aragonés and Groo writer Mark Evanier. The project has a focus for streaming.

Groo the Wanderer debuted in Destroyer Duck #1 in 1981 and has been published by a number of publishers including Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, and more. The character was published in his first regular series in 1982 by Pacific Comics. The comic’s longest run was 120 issues at Marvel but switched to Image Comics when Marvel began to have financial troubles. It lasted 12 issues at Image before legal issues forced it to switch to Dark Horse. There, the comic has seen mostly reprints and miniseries. The latest has the character crossing over with Tarzan.

The comedic series follows a barbarian who is a mighty swordsmand but utter disaster ine verything else.

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