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Around the Tubes


It’s a new week and everyone is recovering from New York Comic Con. What news from the convention stood out to you? Sounds off in the comments! While you think about that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web.

Kotaku – Damn, The Guardians Of The Galaxy Game’s Soundtrack Is Great – Cool, but how’s the actual game?

Kotaku – Avengers Adds Paid Experience Boosts, Pissing Off Everybody – Not good.

KTXL Fox – GoFundMe launched for comic book store after break-in – A shop needs help.

Multiversity Comics – “The Breakaways” Banned in Texas School District Over Trans Representation – Sigh.


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Magma Comix and Heavy Metal Announce Intrusion from Ethan Sacks and Marco Lorenzana

Intrusion is a parable about the consequences of misguided prejudice and hate. The new one-shot comic is coming from writer/co-creator Ethan Sacks, artist/co-creator Marco Lorenzana, colorist Erick Arciniega, and letterer Jaime Martinez. It features a cover by Daniel Govar and a variant cover by Marco Lorenzana. Coming from Heavy Metal imprint Magma Comix, the horror comic comes to comic shelves on September 22, 2021.

Set deep in the Louisiana bayou in the late 1760s, INTRUSION tells the story of the Broussard family, Acadians seeking a new life after being cast out of Canada by the British and having lived the last several years in indentured servitude. They arrive in Louisiana desperate for a second chance. Settling on a patch of remote land bordered by a “cursed” swamp, Jacques will do anything to defend his family’s homestead…even if that puts them on a collision course with a creature that dwells in the bayou. Conceived as a one-shot horror comic from creators Ethan Sacks and Marco Lorenzana, the story makes use of the flipbook format in an innovative way to tell the story from two very different perspectives—the human and the monster. The second story starts at the “flipped” back cover and both the first and second stories merge on a double-page spread in the middle. 

The patriarch of the Broussard family will stop at nothing to defend his family from the horrors that lurk in the swamp—and neither will the Grunch!