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Review: Indigo Clan Chapter 1 Rites of Passage

There are some unique things about going to a Catholic school, that makes it different from a regular public school. I had the privilege of going to both, and the biggest difference is that we got to take classes like WWII History and Western Philosophy, which are classes one might be lucky to take in high school but more likely to take in college. Another class I got to take was World Religions, which took my class through a tour of all the major religions.

One of the major themes, I saw in those classes, was the “third eye”, as many variations of it have been seen in many religions. In Hinduism, refers to ajna, or the chakra, which leads one to a plane of higher consciousness. In Taoism, they refer to it as finding your Chan, or as the western world, knows it by its Japanese name, Zen.  Most outsiders just believe anything dealing with the “third eye” is just something made up from New World spirituality, versus it being an actual pillar of faith. This is exactly what I thought about when I read the debut issue of Indigo Clan.

We are introduced to Deva, a young precocious teenager, who is given a set of tones, by a stranger who knows she can see things that most cannot. As soon as she puts her hands on these stones, her eyes become open, as the very stream of consciousness, he was talking about, becomes suddenly clear. Before Deva, can fully grasp, what is happening she is being chased by men, who look and sound like lizards, known as Reptoids, and is helped by this group, who also possess light occult abilities known as Indigos. By issue’s end, she I become part of the Indigos and must go on a quest to harness her powers.

Overall, an outstanding debut issue that drops the reader right into the mix between good and evil in a world filled mystics and lizards inhabiting human skins. The story by Ry-El Nagasta is thrilling, feels like a superhero origin story, but challenges their audience to think deeper. The art by Anthony A. Anglero is vibrant, engaging and paints quite a beautiful picture. Overall, a great book so far, that will both entertain you and maybe, just maybe, tap into advanced level of consciousness.

Story: Ry-El Nagasta Art: Anthony A. Angelaro
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.4 Recommendation: Buy