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Choice Quotes

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Blue Agave and Worm

Bud – A Mexican superhero?  What, did you leave your sombrero at the cockfight?

Blue Agave – Oh-ho-ho!  How unusual, a condescending American making fun of a culture they don’t understand.

Bud – Yeah, all I just head was “blah, blah, blah” with an accent that made me want a aco.

Blue Agave – What the hell’s your problem, Bud?

Bud – My problem is people like you coming to this country and taking fame and glory that should go to an American superhero.

Deadpool Pulp #2

Deadpool – Most of these guys are ex-soldiers.  They came back from the war and found themselves lost.  We taught them to kill.  But we didn’t teach them what to do afterwards.  They didn’t fit in this new America anymore.

Liberty Annual 2010

Hughie – Well, on the one hand, it’s got no redeemin’ features whatsoever… but on the other, who am I to deny it’s creators their right to self-expression?  I mean fuck censorship, am I right?

Secret Six #26

Spy Smasher – We have the obligation above all others to make sure our government survives.


Deadshot – Not a member of PETA, I take it?


Alice – It colonization.  Imperialism.  We learned about it in school.  When a superior force subjugates an entire civilization.  There’s always murder.  And theft.  And rape.  And the destruction of culture.  The strong always pick on the weak.

Unknown Soldier #24

Narrator – War is a bridge with many tolls, and you can only hope there’s peace on the other side…