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Ubisoft’s Immortals Fenyx Rising Gets an All-Ages Graphic Novel

Writer Ben Kahn and artist Georgeo Brooks take you on a fun, humorous, action-filled adventure through the world of Greek mythology to discover what it truly means to be a god in a new all-ages graphic novel from Dark Horse Comics and UbisoftImmortals Fenyx Rising: From Great Beginnings.

Fenyx enjoys her new life on Mount Olympos, but when her hometown suddenly gets hit by strange earthquakes, she has to investigate. Back at home, she reunites with her human father —to his shock, he learns that gods are real. Fenyx’s mom, who had kept her godhood under the radar, cautions her that such a life has its drawbacks and things get messy when Zeus makes an appearance. As the earthquakes continue to rupture the earth, dangerous creatures emerge, past foes return, old flames reignite, and history is once again in the making! It’s time for the gods to team up to fight as a family!

Immortals Fenyx Rising: From Great Beginnings trade paperback will be in comic shops on September 22, 2021 and in bookstores on October 5, 2021. Immortals Fenyx Rising: From Great Beginnings will retail for $12.99 and sits at 64-pages.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: From Great Beginnings