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Review: Wynonna Earp #1

WynnonaEarp_01-pr_page7_image1With all of the different series being picked up by Syfy Channel in the last few months, one would consider their choices haphazard at times with their adaptations (i.e. Dominion) or at other times, wunderkind (i.e. Dresden). Truthfully, science fiction and genre adaptations onto TV, has its limitations, as many cannot live up to its reader’s expectations. An excellent example of this, Game of Thrones, which has seen its fair share of poetic license by the showrunners. Often, leaving out many fan favorites, and exposing plot holes, that George R.R. Martin, may have never heard outside of his readers.

Now when it comes to science fiction western or space westerns, depending who you talk to, those adaptations become a little more obscure. As shows Like Defiance, and movies like Jonah Hex, tend use devices form both genres, to unsatisfying results. Then there are those excellent examples like Firefly, Adventures of Brisco County Jr., West World and Bravestarr, which excel mostly of great character development and intriguing stories. Despite the mostly unsuccessful attempts within this genre, there exists many attempts, including Wynonna Earp, but it derives its mythology from a real life person.

Within this world, exists not only all of the science fiction and western tropes , that one may expect but also some fantasy tropes, as monsters live in this world as well. Wynonna Earp, is a US Marshall, who hunts down Drug cartels, as well as paranormal creatures. Within the first issue, she tracking a pack of ChupaCannibals, which is actually more interesting than it sounds. By the end of the issue, she is a on rampage, as she is on the road to find the main villain, Mars del Rey.

Overall, I hope the second issue, will improve upon the concept laid here, which is magnificent, as it it leaves much to be desired in its execution. The art, is adequate at best. The story, is off to a weak start, but shows promise towards the end. Altogether, I will give this series a few more reads, but if it hopes to get the masses intrigued in the upcoming show, they will have to vastly improve on what they started.

Story: Beau Smith Art: Lora Innes
Story: 6.6 Art: 7 Overall: 6.3 Recommendation: Pass

IDW Publishing provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review