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Review: I Killed Adolf Hitler

Time travel is one of those subjects that has been one of those subjects that normally has an oversaturation. Such as Zombies, when The Walking Dead came out, it pretty much inspired every auteur to come out of the of the woodworks, and for every major studio, to invest into their own properties, reviving properties like Zombieland and propping World War Z, in record time. At the end of the day, AMC and SyFy has two shows each just about zombies, which proves subjects like these are and have and continue to grab the public’s interest. Which brings me back to time travel, and just how certain actions yield certain consequences.

That is what the Butterfly Effect movies, delve into, as they show how dangerous or how prosperous a certain decision can make your life. The other time travel story, that is probably the most ripped off, and actually works on the concept of the “butterfly effect”, is Star Trek: The original Series episode” City on The Edge of Forever” where Kirk and Spock have to time travel to 1930s New York, to set a course of history right. This exact story has been copied numerous times, and nowhere near the mastery that Harlan Ellison wrote it back then. That is until I read I Killed Adolf Hitler, which takes readers on a wild ride and does it in the spirit of Harlan Ellison.

In this story, we, meet a hitman, in a world where being hitman is as common as being an insurance salesman, as our main character deal with office politics, and unsure girlfriends. He meets an older client, who offers him a strange job, one where he gets to time travel and as the title suggest, kill the vilest man of the 20th century. What follows, is Hitler time traveling to the future, where the Hitman must find him. By story’s end, the implications of time travel, much like Ellison’s tale, can merely a matter of inches.

Overall, a funny and perplexing story, that engages the reader, brings the along a very familiar path and then a throws a monkey wrench in the works. The art by Jason, is lively and realistic at some points. The story by Jason, is more than your typical time travel story, as it gives new dimensions to the morality tale. Altogether, a fun ride of a story, that will surprise you at every turn, as it turns what could have been a mundane often told story into a hidden love story.

Story: Jason Art: Jason
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy