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Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Hall Of Fame Hypnotist Tony Lee Performs To Send A Family To Disney World

Tony Lee; a veteran of over ten thousand sold out shows, an inductee into Canada’s Hall Of Fame. This man does not put on a show that you would willingly take your child to (unless they’re over 18), as he earns his reputation of an X-Rated hypnotist with a cunning glee. But the Superhero Hypnosis show isn’t an X-Rated experience – quite the opposite, in fact.

Tony Lee has developed a one of a kind experience that blends his famous hypnotic skills with an incredible stage show in order to bring to life the four colour world of comics, the magic of Harry Potter or any other fantastical universe you can imagine. I’m going to be honest with you here; I’m a little sketchy on how everything will come together, but the passion that Lee had for the show when I spoke to him off the record about it after one of his less family friendly evenings more than made up for the lack of details I have (this is as much on me as anything – I didn’t want to break or ruin any illusion before I had a chance to see it first hand). My understanding is that Tony Lee will be playing an evil mastermind, which he assures me isn’t far from the truth (he’s lying, even if he isn’t aware of the fact), who will be defeated by a young superhero at the show’s climax.

That Superhero Hypnosis has the potential to be an incredible show goes without saying, but what elevates this above and beyond an already ambitious hypnotist show is that Lee will be donating 100% of all profits to a local family facing an unimaginably heartbreaking situation. Battling an aggressive form of cancer, Miranda Pickrem Tipping and her husband hope to take her five year old son to Disney World in September, a dream that the family of three have had for some time; proceeds from the show will go toward making that dream a reality and help the loving young family create some special and lasting memories.

“My heart literally broke when I heard the story,” said Lee when asked about the reasons behind the Superhero Hypnosis show. “It literally brought tears to my eyes and I don’t even know this woman or family. It was the right thing to do. I just wish that I was able to do it for more families. But I’m certainly going to help as many people as I can before my time is done. I want this show to be spectacular. After 33 years of touring and 10,000 live shows this will be the only performance of its kind and I’m excited to blow people away.”

To help bring the performance to life, Lee has partnered with his friend and comic book illustrator Tony Gray, owner of GlassMonkey Studios, who will be autographing prints at the event that are included with the ticket price. “Teaming up with Tony Gray who has illustrated many great superheroes working with Marvel and DC such as Spider-Man, Wolverine, The Conduit, Red Sonia and many more has been an unbelievable natural fit for this performance.  Some audience members will have the opportunity to feel the perceived powers of mind control. They will be able to act out their favourite cosplay characters such as Harry Potter, Professor X or even becoming a Jedi Knight. The possibilities are endless. But this time they will be experiencing the power for real. A completely groundbreaking performance…”

The show will be held at the Cobequid Educational Centre AV room in Truro, Nova Scotia  on June 16 at 8 p.m. Advance tickets can be purchased at Eventbrite.ca. They cost $22 for adults and $10 for children under 12. Included in the ticket price is an autographed print from comic illustrator Tony Gray. Tickets at the door will be $40.