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Review: Polybius Dreams Chapter One

Polypius Dreams Chapter OneI was lucky enough to grow up in an age where arcades were the place to go. Every day after school, me and my friends would hit up the arcade, and play games for hours. My favorite, was Pac-Man, simplistic, by today’s gaming, but was fun at every turn. The games at the arcade was just part of the fun, it was also the camaraderie.

Those friends became people I have known a lifetime, and though some are no longer with us, those memories thrive. The arcade, much like the Walkman, is a relic of a bygone era. Though most of us don’t want to admit, it was a million years ago. In fact, the ones that still exist, like in Orlando International Airport, are simply, empty rooms. In the first chapter of Polybius Dreams, the bond over games and life is shared among three friends who find a game that is more than what it seems.

We meet Pat, Paul and Mike who, like most children, are called out because of their differences. Each gets bullied because of it. The only solace they can find is in each other and in the local arcade, J.J.’s, a haven of respite from the daily torture of being an award teenager. At the same time, murders are happening all over this small town of Autumn Hill, the last victim found in barn stabbed with a pair of hedge clippers. By issue’s end, is where everything starts to add up, as a new game at the arcade, Polybius, shows up, and becomes instantly addictive, but what they don’t know, is that game doesn’t end, when they leave the arcade.

Overall, an awe inspired trip to a simpler time, with a supernatural twist, that draws you in with its characters but keeps you there with a strong story. Grisanti’s story is full of suspense and fun. The art by Grachow is lifelike and vibrant. Altogether, a story that will make you both nostalgic and dialed into the story.

Story: Ben Grisanti Art: Keith Grachow
Story: 9.4 Art: 9.3 Overall: 9.4 Recommendation: Buy