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Halestorm and Z2 Comics Unleash Hyde Manor, an Original Rock Graphic Novel

This Halloween, Z2 Comics and Grammy-winning rock band Halestorm will transform the group’s barbed riffs and evocative narratives into sequential art for Hyde Manor, a harrowing descent into one woman’s fight with the darkest parts of herself. Twins Brittany and Brianna Winner, artist Sara Scalia, and colorist DJ Alonso weave a tale of the celebrated group as they seek refuge in the titular Hyde Manor—a sprawling gothic estate perched on the remote end of the Oregon Coast. 

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the 2012 EP Hello, It’s Mz Hyde and its ensuing LP, The Strange Case Of…, the new graphic novel depicts the members of Halestorm encountering sinister doppelgangers of themselves. Within the decrepit halls of Hyde Manor, mirror reflections independently talk back and photographs transform to reveal sordid prophecies, leading the band to slowly succumb to madness while recording a new album. The tale creaks and twists with doom-filled revelations, perfectly tied to Halestorm’s scorching discography. 

Hyde Manor will be available in both a softcover and hardcover format, as well as oversized hardcover deluxe, and an oversized hardcover deluxe edition. Alison Sampson provides cover art. Deluxe Editions include gallery-ready prints courtesy of fan artist Egidija Guobyte, as well as a Lzzy Hale/Ms. Hyde two-sided coin, Ms. Hyde special edition Collector’s Card in a plastic frame, and an exclusive Halestorm: Hyde Manor Deck of Cards. Preorder yours today!