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Review: Guardian of the Forest

dShort yet packed with a stark sense of dread and foreboding, Guardian of the Forest is a wonderful dark mystery waiting to be discovered.

Out in the deep woods rests Taylor’s Country Diner, run by Ben and his daughter, June. The two live a quiet life together in a town with a dwindling population, one whose inhabitants are meeting horrible ends. With grim anticipation, they wait for their turn. When the time comes, the mystery grows.

This independent one-shot effectively captures the tones of wonder and fear of a classic X-Files episode while pairing it with the isolation and helplessness of Alien. Writer Robert James Mediavilla’s imagination has constructed herein a dark creature, beautiful yet menacing, power and still somehow relatable. This guardian of the forest perfectly personifies nature’s backlash against the intrusion of man, yielding both brutality and subtext to the book.

Artist Diana Naneva brings a textured, gloomy atmosphere. That grit and darkness of the woodland setting readily draws the reader into the conflict thanks to her skillful approach. The guardian is seen as both graceful and formidable, just another example of how perfect the writer and artist were for this story.

Sadly, the story ends too soon and could easily stretch itself into the surrounding backstory and consequences. This book would act as an engaging preview for a much larger, immensely interesting mini-series in the near future. Since it is so short at the moment, there won’t be too much elaboration into what happens.

Fortunately, you can buy it now on Comixology by clicking here. For less than a dollar, it’s a terrific experience for any reader who likes to get lost in the dangers of the unknown.

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Story: Robert James Mediavilla Art: Diana Naneva
Story: 8 Art: 8 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy