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Hound Comics, Inc. to Launch Hound Kids Division on Halloween

Official Press Release

Hound Kids to launch four children’s titles worldwide on company’s one year anniversary

New York, New York – October 19, 2011 — Hound Comics, Inc. President and CEO William ‘Brimstone’ Kucmierowski announced earlier today that the Hound Kids Division will have its official launch on October 31, 2011 – the one year anniversary of the launch of their flagship brand, ‘Brimstone and The Borderhounds’.  Just in time for the holidays, the launch will offer the worldwide release of its four initial titles on B&N.com and Amazon.  “The Hound Kids line up will consist of some very heavy-hitters within the world of entertainment.” says Hound’s Director of Operations, Etan Wish.  Leading the celebrity based lineup is everyone’s favorite Wookiee, Peter ‘Chewbacca’ Mayhew.  The Peter & Angie Mayhew Collection present the combined efforts of the man behind the iconic Star Wars character and his long time wife Angie.  “We are proud to offer the ‘My Favorite Giant’ and ‘Growing Up Giant’ books to the public… what’s cooler for a Star Wars fan than being able to share a character they love with their children, while offering a positive message at the same time.” says Kucmierowski.  ‘My Favorite Giant’ features the artwork of former seventeen year Disney animator, “Terry Naughton” who has had a large part in the animating of major characters including the Beast, Genie, Zazu and King Triton to name only a few.  ‘Growing Up Giant’ features the art of Dawn DuJour who makes her debut on a grand scale.

Hound is extremely excited for their acquisition of Rich Arons who is best known for his work on Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Freakazoid and the legendary He-Man.  Arons’ title, “Turbie the Turtle-Duck” will be among the four children’s titles available at month’s end.  “Although Rich has lent his talents to so many successful projects over the years… we feel as though ‘Turbie’ is the perfect character to appease fans of Arons’ past while grabbing the attention of new fans that will quickly define and solidify his place within pop-culture history.” says Jerry Cates of Hound Publishing.  Rounding up the explosive lineup is the first offering to the much anticipated, “Border-Pups” series.  The Border-Pups are the juvenile versions of everyone’s favorite Borderhounds while each book teaches children an array of positive messages.  “Border-Pups: CrashBat” features the illustrations of Theresa Finnelli with vivid colors by Thiago Castro.  The series is authored by the talented Courtney Freeman who is currently putting the finishing touches on the next two Border-Pups books as of press time.

Hound Comics, Inc. has also announced that each of the titles will be made available in application format for the iPhone and iPad via their partnership with developers, “Blue Rocket Labs.”  “We are looking to make each of the Hound Kids titles interactive in order to make each child’s experience memorable, fun and unique!” says Mike Hovland of Blue Rocket Labs.  Continuing the trend of Hound branded products for children, Hound Comics, Inc. and Little Brass Bird have partnered in the release of the “Little Brass Borderhounds” plush toy collection.  The plush toys consist of three major characters including Brimstone, Luscious and female Borderhound, Sasha.  “We love the response we are receiving concerning the ‘Little Brass Borderhounds’ since their debut a couple of weeks ago.” says Marcello Carnevali, Hound Comics, Inc. VP.  “While as of now our team is in talks with a handful of very recognizable retail chains concerning potential purchase orders, fans can look forward to picking them up at any appearance while we are on tour.”

Hound Comics, Inc. Signs Former Wookiee to Book Deal

Official Press Release Official Press Release

Hound Comics, Inc. Signs Former Wookiee to Book Deal

Peter & Angie Mayhew sign with Hound Kids to publish their children’s book series

New York, New York – July 20, 2011 CEO William ‘Brimstone’ Kucmierowski announced today that Hound Comics, Inc. has officially acquired the talent of Peter and Angie Mayhew as well as former Disney artist Terry Naughton. The signing of Peter Mayhew, better known to the world as the man behind the mask of the most lovable Wookiee in the universe, ‘Chewbacca’, is a tremendous acquisition for our blossoming Hound Kids Division. “We are excited to release ‘My Favorite Giant’ and ‘Growing Up Giant’ which will be dubbed, The Peter & Angie Mayhew Collection.” says Kucmierowski. Star Wars fanatics will have the opportunity to get inside the mind of Mayhew and grab an all-access pass through Peter’s youth in ‘Growing Up Giant’. Star Wars fans have never before seen this side of the 7’3” legend. “Even though he [Peter] is very shy, he readily agreed to share his story when I offered to help him write it.” stated Angie Mayhew. “I’m glad to be able to tell my story in a simple format with vibrant illustrations.” says Peter Mayhew, “I truly hope people will be able to gain some form of inspiration from reading this book, especially those whom may suffer with similar issues.” The quirky artistic style of Dawn DuJour compliments the intriguing storyline concerning Peter’s youth.

The true ‘diamond in the rough’ comes from the title, ‘My Favorite Giant’ which boasts art from seasoned artist, Terry Naughton. As a seventeen year veteran of the Walt Disney Animation Studios, Naughton brings a remarkable amount of established talent to not only the Hound Kids Division; but to the company as a whole. Naughton has been essential to the creation of some of Disney’s most beloved characters including, but not limited to, the Beast (Beauty and the Beast), King Triton (The Little Mermaid), and the Genie (Aladdin). “The addition of a skilled artist such as Terry to our family is icing on the cake, rounding out a very talented roster!” says Sajad Shah, Hound Comics VP.

This is a landmark occasion for Hound Comics, the corporation that has been growing in leaps and bounds. “We are honored to have Peter and Angie on board. The books are fantastic and offer an extremely important message to our youth. We feel privileged that they would partner with us to publish their books.” says Marcello Carnevali, coCEO of Hound Comics. Plans for the Peter & Angie Mayhew Collection include distribution with some of the top big-box retailers not only in the United States; but in the world! “I’d like to personally thank everyone at Lucas Films for their personal involvement in the production of these two books.” says Literary Agent Jerry Cates, “Without their cooperation, we could not have written these stories the way they were truly meant to be told.”

For more information please visit http://www.houndcomics.com