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It’s a new week! How was everyone’s week? Did folks go see Ender’s Game? What did you think?

Around the Tubes Reviews

Talking Comics – Cataclysm #0.1

Talking Comics – Damian Son of Batman #1

Talking Comics – Green Lantern Annual #2

ScienceFiction.com – Infinity #5

ScienceFiction.com – The Sandman: Overture #1

Talking Comics – X-Men: Battle of the Atom #2

CBR – ‘Sandman: Overture’ #1 & ‘Damian: Son of Batman’ #1

Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here! What’s everyone doing? Anyone going to Ender’s Game? Going to protest it? Sound off below!

Around the Tubes

The Mary Sue – Jeff Lemire to Create Superheroine Inspired by Real Teen Activist – This is pretty awesome.

Around the Tubes Reviews

Comic Vine – Adventure Time 2013 Spoooktacular #1

The Beat – Afterlife with Archie #1

Comic Vine – Ash and The Army of Darkness #1

Comic Vine – Green Lantern Annual #2

Comic Vine – Guardians of the Galaxy #8

Comic Vine – Kick-Ass 3 #4

Talking Comics – Saga #15

The Mary Sue – The Sandman: Overture #1

CBR – Swamp Thing Annual #2

Comic Vine – Ultimate Comics X-Men #33

ICv2 – Vinland Saga Book One

Comic Vine – Witchblade #170

CBR – X-Men: Battle of the Atom #2

Around the Tubes

A long weekend is almost here, yay! Here’s some news to waste the day away.

Around the Blogs:

ComicsAlliance – Amazon Ceases ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’ Blu-Ray Set Pre-OrdersThat sucks.

ArtsBeat – Taymor, ‘Spider-Man’ Producers Reach Undisclosed Settlement on Dueling Lawsuits -And now the world can move on.


Around the Tubes Reviews:

IGN – Detective Comics Annual #1

ComicsGirl – Drama

CBR – Green Lantern Annual #1

IGN – Green Lantern Annual #1

CBR – Locke & Key: Grindhouse #1

IGN – Uncanny X-Force #30

Around the Tubes

Thursday is here… yeah I’ve got nothing snappy to say… Anyone read any good comics lately?

Around the Blogs:

Asbury Park Press – Monmouth County Library plans its first ‘Comic-Con’ -Hope it goes well.

NY Post – What the Political Conventions Can Learn from Comic-Con – This is pretty funny.


Around the Tubes Reviews:

CBR – American Vampire #30

Talking Comics – Anathema #2

IGN – Captain Marvel #3

Talking Comics – Goon #41

IGN – Green Lantern Annual #1

IGN – Grendel Omnibus Vol. 1: Hunter Rose

IGN – Justice League #12

MTV Geek – Phantom Lady #1

IGN – Uncanny X-Force #30

MTV Geek –A Slew Of DC Comics Annual Reviews For You: Green Lantern, Flash, And More